Home of the Week: Industrial chic meets playful pop | onefinestay blog: Live like a local

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Meant to show this earlier – we are expecting more coverage soon as Raw Dice home proves popular…

Home of the Week: Industrial chic meets playful pop | onefinestay blog: Live like a local.


One brass mind

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Raw Dice - photo David E Baker

Shop fittings have always interested me and recently I happen to come across shelves made from copper piping. Can’t remember where it was, but anyway, I have mentally filed the idea away, to be used at a future date in some flat or house somewhere.

It is a shame that David will not totally let me loose on the Shoreditch flat. “Less is more” is all he ever seems to utter! Small brass items are easier to get past him and through the door though! We are in need of a Guest Book in the Shoreditch flat, for feedback of ideas for improvement etc. David got creative and sewed on the Brass Midori labels to the Cavallini Leather Journals that we sell on Raw Dice. Did I mention that we doing occasional letting of the flat through a company called One Fine Stay? More on this later.

Midori Brass Label sewn on Cavallini Tan Leather Journal

Hooks and more

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I am pretty much hooked (sorry for the pun) on the Remodelista blog. I find out about new places to shop and eat in London and various other cities around the world. There are also some pretty good ideas to pinch as well in Steal This Look and DIY. This is where the inspiration for these hooks came from. Luck would have it that I was keeping the wooden toys that the kids had grown out of. My hoard of paint to be used for Stamping came in useful as did the MT Tape (used to separate the two colours) that we sell on Raw Dice.

So here are the pictures of the finished items.

Hopefully the wooden toy kitchen, dolls house, wicker pram, 3 storey garage and knights castle will come in useful one day too!

I must also confess that I first saw Japanese designer Oji Masanori’s products featured on Remodelista and Cool Hunting. We couldn’t find anybody that stocked them in the UK so we decided to have them for ourselves. Unlike the above which appeals to the whimsical side of my personality, Oji Masanori’s brass hooks symbolises purity and cleanliness to me. See for yourself.


Shoreditch: Part Three

June 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

This weekend we will be busy looking for mirrors and lighting to put the finishing touches to the bathrooms. Currently, the walls are bare and rather austere looking.

Just today I found a gorgeous looking antique French mirror with its original glass circa 1880, but alas my client (David) is not too keen on the price! It also might be a bit too big for the space. Given that the en-suite shower room is ultra modern we thought we would balance it with some antique pieces. As a general rule, I think you can’t go too wrong with a French style mirror (the grander and o.t.t. the better).

Ensuite bathroom – Fired Earth Limehouse Retro Metro Tiles with Aesop soap

Notice the Aesop hand wash bottle? Not so long ago we were in the Aesop shop by Borough Market. It is really nicely fitted out, plain wooden boxes on the walls displaying all the Aesop bottles and huge old looking mariners rope coiled on the floor. Could have bought the whole shop there and then, but had to be content with a few bottles instead. Feeling very clean and pure now!

Ensuite shower – Fired Earth Limehouse Retro Metro Tiles

Ensuite bathroom window with Surface View map of local area

David and I have been collecting old maps for years. When we moved into the cottage in the country we kept on buying original art for the walls and quickly ran out of wall space. I am trying to convince David that the collection of old maps needs to come out now and see the light of day again. I think it will look good in the Shoreditch pad. Our obsessions have not bated, when we discovered that we could decorate the bathroom window with a map, we just had to go for it.

Bathroom metro tiles with Ikea lights – just waiting on mirror

Need to cheat from time to time. The Hollywood dressing table style lights/mirrors can be a bit on the pricey side. This one from Ikea fits just as well. I have a plain mirror to go up this weekend. We toyed with the idea of plastering the walls in the bathroom with old comics but  decided on the metro tiles instead. The cast-iron bath was handmade and hence when it arrived it was a tiny bit bigger than the technical specifications. We had to create a bit of wall space for it to fit into. Hence a little shelf for bathroom accessories (well done David!).

Bathroom – Winchester Bath – Farrow and Ball painted base

Men are from Mars, women from Venus? Are the battle of the sexes to be held in the bathrooms of London? David and I differ on the styling aspects of the bathroom. Typical girl that I am, I like to fill the shelves with all manner of toiletries and vases of flowers on the shelf above the sink. Alas, typical man, David thinks one bottle of bubble bath, shower gel and hand wash is all one needs in the bathroom. I know who will win in the end!!

Reclaimed box detail in ensuite

Shoreditch: Part Two

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Here we go, as promised, these are just some close-ups of the kitchen area. We are waiting for our Jielde lights to arrive from France for the kitchen wall to take more photos.

Bought a set of copper pans from The French House for David as a birthday present! I think he liked them, even though it’s not every man’s idea of a good gift (David’s note: I have actually used them to cook real food… not just baked beans!). We chose the tiles and the peg rail from Fired Earth to match the cherry wood worktop.

Copper pans from The French House

We have an ugly new boiler hanging on the kitchen wall and it was a job to decide what to do with it. Cruising the net we found these radiator grills from Retrouvius and decided to hide the offending item. Labour and Wait sell aluminium pegs that have come in very handy for hanging postcards and other interesting items.

Gold coated metal mesh radiator grill

Gold coated metal mesh radiator grill

Metal grates cut to cover boiler, with postcards to cover

On a recent trip to the Hop Gallery in Lewes, for the Art22 group’s exhibition, we came across these mugs by potter Rosemary Land at the Hamid Pottery. We could have bought so much more, but had to restrain ourselves! Handmade pottery is very much a weakness of ours.

Rosemary Land pottery mugs with Bouges Francais Candles

Fortnum and Mason have some very tasteful designs on their tins for the Diamond Jubilee. Yet more birthday presents for David. Lucky, lucky man! I am reliably told that the Piccadilly biscuits are delicious.

I am so keen on Falcon enamelware that I think we shall have to stock it on the website soon. I need to get on to it straight away.

1. 2 x Cherry wood 9 Peg rails cut to fit-Fired Earth. 2. Cherry wood Hanging shelf-Fired Earth. 3. Glazed Valencia tiles – Fired Earth. 4. Solid cherry wood top and splash back. 5. Vintage manual button hole press (gift). 6. Enamel mugs – Falcon. 7. Silver Tea strainer-Fortnum & Mason. 8. Olive oil (gift). 9. Bouges Francais Candles-Labor & Wait in Redchurch Street. 10. Espresso Cups-Rosemary Land. 11. Cork lidded sea salt from Aix-en-provence. 12. Rococo chocolates. 13. Enamel tea pot-TK Max!. 14. Tuna in olive oil-Brindesi in Borough Market. 15. Jubille tea from Fortnum & Mason. 16. Jubilee Biscuits (almost all eaten)-Fortnum & Mason. 17. Biscuits-Fortnum & Mason. 18. Virgin Olive Oil-Brindesi in Borough Market. 19. Pepper grinder-Waitrose. 20. Ginger & Lemon tea – M&S. 21. & 22. Tea-Fortnum & Mason.

Blackboard and Peg Rail from Fired Earth, feather duster from Labor & Wait and Spice Rack … can’t remember.

Shoreditch – Part One

June 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

After a long absence, here we are again. What a busy few months it has been! We have been pretty occupied choosing various fixtures and fittings for the Shoreditch pad. It has had a complete refit. New kitchen, bathrooms and a new lick of paint. Over the next few blogs I will post some pictures of the renovation.

Before starting on the photos of the indoors, I’d like to share some views of graffiti from the kitchen sink! These new works of art just went up last week. Not sure how long it will be there since it is on the wall of a building where a new hotel is due to go up soon. This will be a real shame as we undoubtedly will lose the ever changing art work in Christina Street.

View from Kitchen Window

View from Kitchen Window

Street Art

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Around Shoreditch we are surrounded by a huge array of graffiti, that come and go mysteriously with the night. David has a keen eye for these and regularly spots them on his way to work. He happily snaps these on his jolly jaunts, happily off to another day at the office! I thought I would share David’s photos with you.

I have been out this morning, before opening the pop-up shop, snapping away. Here are a few from today.

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