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Kusama Exhibition © Tate, London 2012

A busy March kicked off with a great exhibition (on at Tate Modern until 5th June 2012) at the Tate Modern – Yayoi Kusama, a bright and eclectic mix of innovative styles. I wish I’d taken the kids as they would have loved this, bright vibrant work. Yayoi’s self imposed psychiatric care shouldn’t offset what is a truly remarkable and exciting collection of her work.

Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York & Brussels
© Alighiero Boetti Estate by DACS / SIAE, 2012, courtesy Fondazione Alighiero e Boetti
Photo: Alex Jamison
© Tate, London 2012

Not a favourite, but visited Alighiero Boetti (on at Tate Modern until 27th May 2012) an influential Italian artist, but whilst the copying of magazines by students I found pretty uninspiring, it was the work – from what I could gather – undertaken at his instigation with the Afghans in the 1970’s creating amazingly bright embroideries, including the famed  Mappa, world maps which seem to have been at their brightest when colours were accidentally incorrect (pink oceans – because that was the material to hand) and then, as it worked so well, subsequently encouraged. Their size and rich colours requires them to be seen first hand… again worth a visit with the children once you’ve been through Yayoi (and skip over the awkward questions from the more perceptive kids!).

Fair use image of ''Girl with a white dog '', 1951 - 1952. Oil on canvas, by Lucien Freud. Artwork copyrighted to Tate, London

Friends kindly invited me to a viewing of Lucien Freud (National Portrait Gallery) a truly massive collection of his work, have to say an almost over whelming collection of flesh.. with the over whelming paintings of the benefits supervisor and his friend Leigh Bowery. The most striking contrast for me was the change from when painting what seemed like the rough textures of those who sat for months at a time for him (probably why so many of the subjects are unconscious), to the softer warmth of his painted children. The most striking works were his self portraits that seem to capture the strength and vitality of this man in a way that surpasses the works he spent on others… not to undermine the extraordinary capture of people, warts and all, with a strength and depth that defies your ridicule.

ES Magazine Feature (Duller Highlighters bottom right)

So following a visit to both of these exhibitions it came as a pleasant surprise that week to see our Duller Highlighters accompanied in the ES Magazine alongside Yayoi and Lucien Freud. It was a well framed piece (seen in our press section) and promoted them well… even if a bit on the small side! The pens if you don’t know them are a set of regular coloured highlighters, but with a delicate brush, modelled on Japanese ink brushes allowing for a more pleasant way to apply highlighting, but also an interesting artistic tool whether practising your character brush skills, enhancing comic illustration or enhancing your ink artwork.

Duller Highlighter available from Raw Dice £20.00

Duller Highlighter


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