Is it me or has the world gone mad?

October 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

I know I am probably showing my age here but when I heard that the South Korean rapper Psy’s Gangnam Style song (?) had topped the UK’s singles charts on the radio 4’s Today programme, I thought I would investigate further. Having just watched the video on You Tube, (apparently the most ‘liked’ of all time) I am left with mixed feelings (“personally thought it was cool – David). I guess it is quite a catchy tune but the video, which is hugely popular and bizarrely has a number of celebrities favourable comments on the horse-riding dance moves… doesn’t really do much for me…. kids have been doing those steps since they were four! I know I am out on a limb here, given that a huge number of fans worldwide. I quite enjoy a bit of rap, I have even been known to blast out Eminem in the car when the kids are not in it! Psy’s supposedly satirical comment on today’s society becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

It did get me thinking of about other South Korean designers who are beginning to get a lot of coverage as they return back to SK from international design schools. You should have a look at Monocle’s recent podcast. Really makes us want to travel to SK and catch up with our own favourites, ┬áJi-hwan Kim and Sol-Jin, who make up the graphic design company Zero per Zero. They are hugely talented and we are very proud to represent their talents on Raw Dice. Their range of maps and various other stationery products are highly individual and quirky. Here are some of their interpretation of major capital cities underground system that are available as posters and calendars from Raw Dice;

Map of Seoul

Map of Seoul

Map of New York City Metro

Map of the Tokyo metro

The London version of the ever famous Underground alas can not be shown here due to a copyright dispute. No sooner had we received a batch of posters, maps, notebooks and tape of London, the powers to be (lawyers) from the design bullies at London Transport advised us that all these products are in danger of copyright infringement! Here is a link to what you could have bought and make your own mind up (bear in mind colour, tube names cannot be a copyright issue).

I did think that maybe they could also do a bit of self-publicity, but releasing a catchy tune and a crazy video. It seems that to succeed in this media driven world, the more outlandish the better, personally prefer the longevity of quality design…, it will be interesting to see if this S-K rapper can sustain the attention span of the current generation!

Zero Per Zero City Maps


Shoreditch: Part Three

June 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

This weekend we will be busy looking for mirrors and lighting to put the finishing touches to the bathrooms. Currently, the walls are bare and rather austere looking.

Just today I found a gorgeous looking antique French mirror with its original glass circa 1880, but alas my client (David) is not too keen on the price! It also might be a bit too big for the space. Given that the en-suite shower room is ultra modern we thought we would balance it with some antique pieces. As a general rule, I think you can’t go too wrong with a French style mirror (the grander and o.t.t. the better).

Ensuite bathroom – Fired Earth Limehouse Retro Metro Tiles with Aesop soap

Notice the Aesop hand wash bottle? Not so long ago we were in the Aesop shop by Borough Market. It is really nicely fitted out, plain wooden boxes on the walls displaying all the Aesop bottles and huge old looking mariners rope coiled on the floor. Could have bought the whole shop there and then, but had to be content with a few bottles instead. Feeling very clean and pure now!

Ensuite shower – Fired Earth Limehouse Retro Metro Tiles

Ensuite bathroom window with Surface View map of local area

David and I have been collecting old maps for years. When we moved into the cottage in the country we kept on buying original art for the walls and quickly ran out of wall space. I am trying to convince David that the collection of old maps needs to come out now and see the light of day again. I think it will look good in the Shoreditch pad. Our obsessions have not bated, when we discovered that we could decorate the bathroom window with a map, we just had to go for it.

Bathroom metro tiles with Ikea lights – just waiting on mirror

Need to cheat from time to time. The Hollywood dressing table style lights/mirrors can be a bit on the pricey side. This one from Ikea fits just as well. I have a plain mirror to go up this weekend. We toyed with the idea of plastering the walls in the bathroom with old comics but  decided on the metro tiles instead. The cast-iron bath was handmade and hence when it arrived it was a tiny bit bigger than the technical specifications. We had to create a bit of wall space for it to fit into. Hence a little shelf for bathroom accessories (well done David!).

Bathroom – Winchester Bath – Farrow and Ball painted base

Men are from Mars, women from Venus? Are the battle of the sexes to be held in the bathrooms of London? David and I differ on the styling aspects of the bathroom. Typical girl that I am, I like to fill the shelves with all manner of toiletries and vases of flowers on the shelf above the sink. Alas, typical man, David thinks one bottle of bubble bath, shower gel and hand wash is all one needs in the bathroom. I know who will win in the end!!

Reclaimed box detail in ensuite

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