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I am pretty much hooked (sorry for the pun) on the Remodelista blog. I find out about new places to shop and eat in London and various other cities around the world. There are also some pretty good ideas to pinch as well in Steal This Look and DIY. This is where the inspiration for these hooks came from. Luck would have it that I was keeping the wooden toys that the kids had grown out of. My hoard of paint to be used for Stamping came in useful as did the MT Tape (used to separate the two colours) that we sell on Raw Dice.

So here are the pictures of the finished items.

Hopefully the wooden toy kitchen, dolls house, wicker pram, 3 storey garage and knights castle will come in useful one day too!

I must also confess that I first saw Japanese designer Oji Masanori’s products featured on Remodelista and Cool Hunting. We couldn’t find anybody that stocked them in the UK so we decided to have them for ourselves. Unlike the above which appeals to the whimsical side of my personality, Oji Masanori’s brass hooks symbolises purity and cleanliness to me. See for yourself.



The Life and Times of a Japanophile

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It’s funny how over years one is influenced by the tastes and cultural tendencies of one’s life partner. I have been with David for many more years then I care to mention. When we talk of bygone days, we quite frequently refer to time as BC (Before Cigdem) and AD (After David)! Prior to meeting David, who is a most definitely a Japanophile, I did not know much about Japan and its’ culture. Now, I am a lot more learned.

We haven’t  embraced a total Japanese way of life but elements often come to the fore, often in small ways. For example, I wasn’t aware before that taking your shoes of upon entering a house was a Japanese tradition, as well as a Turkish one. Customs and cultures can often intermingle. When habits are natural, one is unsure where it necessarily stems from. Whilst decorating the Shoreditch pad, these elementals did bear influence. As it does when making decisions on what to stock on Raw Dice. So, here we have our long awaited Japanese products… with more to follow next week.

Brass Bottle Opener Mikaduki [Crescent]

Brass Trivets – Tsuki, Ginga, Taiyo and Hoshi

Brass Knife Stand - Designer: Oji Masanori

Brass Knife Stand – Designer: Oji Masanori

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