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I went to see Evita at the Mayflower (Southampton) the other day. I always claim that I do not like musicals, but I really enjoyed this one though. I was singing ‘Don’t cry for me, Argentina’ to myself, thankfully no one overheard me! Abigail Jaye did fantastically well as Eva Peron. More than anything though I loved the costumes. The dresses that were worn by all the female characters were very much to my taste. At the interval, chatting away to friends, I realised that we were checking out the clothes on the ladies, rather the delightful men! A peculiarity of female species?

I desperately want to get my hands on some of these clothes. A quick search on the internet, revealed some websites that produce retro inspired clothes. In particular, clothes from 1930s and 40s and 50s. Heyday! Clothing have some fabulous dresses, high waisted trousers and more. The photos on the website are very good, the setting, hair and makeup reflect the era of the outfits. The clothes can also look contemporary too. Earlier on in the summer I was in Agnes B in Spitalfields and one of the shop assistants was wearing an Agnes B top, teamed with one of Heyday!’s trousers. It looked very chic and Parisian. I am planning on changing my wardrobe, hair and make-up for a little while. I recently got my long locks chopped to shoulder length. Inspired by watching Kristin Scott-Thomas in Betrayal at the Comedy Theatre (London). Whatever the reviews of the play, in my mind, Kristin S-T epitomises Parisian chic . I thought everybody knew her, but apparently not as I had to download a picture of her on my phone to show her hairstyle to my hairdresser!

On a recent visit to my mum’s house, I acquired some of her clothes from the 70s. I don’t think my mum has thrown anything away for over 30 years! As we were going through them, I kept rejecting items due to their material. I am afraid I can be pretty snobby about acrylic. Last year I bought a divine dress from Jigsaw, which fitted perfectly, only to discover when I brought it home that it was made of viscose. I have been assured by a friend that this is a quality fabric and not to be silly. Nevertheless, in my mind if I am to fork out £300 for a dress I expect it to be made of a natural fabric like silk! At the very least they could have mixed the fabric with a bit of silk. Lately though, I have started to regret taking it back and wish I had kept it. It is haunting me!


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