Excited! A sneak peak

September 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am very excited this week (a bit nervous too)! Next Saturday (17th Sept 2011) we throw open the doors of our Shoreditch loft for the first raw dice pop-up shop, as part of London Design Festival. Yesterday, we were preparing the showroom and setting all our products out on the WeDoWood trestle tables, drilling holes in the ceiling to hang Jack Spade bags etc.

Justin Oh popped in to drop off some of his new Canvas Tote bags. The bags come in some really funky bright colours and I already have my eye on one or two. They are a good size too. I like a big bag! I carry all my essentials, never wanting to be caught out unexpectedly!  The list is endless (hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes, lip salve, lipstick, notebook, fountain pen, hairbrush, mints, umbrella, sunglasses, headache tablets, compact mirror, nail file, plaster, iphone, library cards, oyster card, purse. car keys, house keys etc.), I usually throw in a paperback book too. When I have the children with me, I usually end up carrying some of their stuff as well. Isabella, at the tender age of 10, usually carries her camera with her wherever she goes (early aspiration in photography), but when not in use, it ends up in my bag! So you can see why I need a bag that can fit in with my lifestyle. Justin’s bags come with lots of compartments and he assures me that they are washable too. Just great. I always wonder what other people carry in their bags. Maybe I am missing something!!

It was fun setting out the layout of the showroom and transforming it from a living space to a shop. As you enter the room, the ‘Yastik by Rifat Ozbek’ cushions make an instant impact perched on top of each other, their vivid colours, brighting up the room. Dare I say so, very humbly, Liz Emtage’s terrrific ceramic creations (lighting, vases and tealight vases), look serene both in and on the WeDoWood boxes. We have lots of Eric Therner’s lightbulbs on show, the diamond light bulbs hanging from our functional kitchen lighting.

The range of ZeroperZero graphic designed maps and stationery will not disappoint either, the room is covered with them. Our love of paper related goods are also evident to see, as we have such a great selection of quality Duller pens, sketchbooks etc. I am very excited about all this and especially at showcasing artist, and close friend, Imogen Barlow’s latest creations. She hand prints limited edition linocuts from her rural studio. We will also have some cards that she is busy making up exclusively for show.

Francesca Prieto’s box framed prints will also be on display. You need to ask if you want to see the whole set though, we haven’t enough wall space to hang them all up.

I’ve got to make sure I have everything to hand before I hit London. Bags packed, Oyster card to the ready, here I come!!


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