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There is a pretty cool place around the corner from us in Shoreditch called ‘The Book Club‘. It serves food and you can play pool if you so wish. They have monthly listings for events ranging from music, poetry, talks and readings to workshops etc. All under one roof! Is this what they call a ‘cultural revolution’?

So sitting here I thought I would start up my own Book Club. Well sort of… the usual modus operandi is that everybody reads the same book and it gets discussed at another meeting (usually with liquid refreshments). I am pretty particular about the books I read (stuck in the mud, I guess), so I don’t usually go in for book clubs.  I thought I would tell you what I am reading and you could let me know if you’ve read it and liked it. If not, then I don’t mind, we don’t all have the same taste in books, clothes, art and films, do we?

Did I tell you about my obsession with books and their covers? I do have a passion for them and in another 10 years I will have to move to a bigger house to accommodate them all! I decided to revisit Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. It is the Penguin Hardback Classics clothbound edition.

These are some old books we have collected of Aubrey Menen, just because we like the jacket designs. I’ve only read one called ‘Dead Man in the Silver Market’. It was very amusing. There is a great website for second hand books AbeBooks.


Today, I’ll mostly be wearing…

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Day 2: me at the raw dice pop-up shop

Jeans! It’s so difficult to find the right one. I usually never feel comfortable in them, either. Low waisted jeans are no good if you have hips. I was very happy when I eventually found some jeans from a little boutique shop in Spitalfields called Precious. The Paige Jeans I have are high waisted and fit really well.

The blouse is from Cos. I liked the design of the fabric. Some of Cos’s clothes remind me of Marni, without the hefty price tag.

I have to apologise for these pictures, I feel very self-conscious having to pose for a photo. I never know what to do with my arms, legs etc. My modelling days are obviously over before even getting off the ground!!!

It’s our private view tonight, so I will change into a coat which I wear as a dress. I have no nice photos of the coat/dress with me wearing it, so here is a picture of the coat instead.

Favourbrook dress

Dress fabric

Street Art

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Around Shoreditch we are surrounded by a huge array of graffiti, that come and go mysteriously with the night. David has a keen eye for these and regularly spots them on his way to work. He happily snaps these on his jolly jaunts, happily off to another day at the office! I thought I would share David’s photos with you.

I have been out this morning, before opening the pop-up shop, snapping away. Here are a few from today.

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London calling

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Me in the raw dice pop-up shop

I have been busy over the weekend learning how to make videos, in an effort for continual self improvement, by polishing up on digital photo taking techniques. All done whilst the doors of our pop-up shop are wide open for all to come and see. So far  lots of lovely friendly people have  come to  see us.

As all you girls out there will appreciate the worry first thing in the morning is ‘what to wear’. I had chucked in a few clothes in the suitcase when leaving home for the bright lights of London, alas, not with too much thought. Despite being a seasoned traveller, I do find it hard to decide what to wear in advance. I wish I could carry my whole wardrobe with me wherever I go. Since this is not possible, my choice outfits and accessories will have to do. I thought I would share these with you, so that I may brighten up your day with laughter!!

With today’s outfit, I am matching some of our  Yastik cushions and Justin Oh’s canvas shoppers (currently only available at the pop-up shop)! My skirt is Rachel Riley, from many seasons ago. I love her clothes, I always visit her shop on Marylebone High Street whenever I can. My tank top is Marilyn Moore, and the shirt is Just in Case. Being fairly thrifty at times, I bought these on sale at my other favourite haunt in Winchester – The Hambledon.

As for the red shoes, well, I am no Carrie Bradshaw. Alas, I don’t own any Christian Louboutain shoes yet! Although I am very partial to my Chie Miharas’. Now these are the shoes I can’t get enough of.


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I went to see Evita at the Mayflower (Southampton) the other day. I always claim that I do not like musicals, but I really enjoyed this one though. I was singing ‘Don’t cry for me, Argentina’ to myself, thankfully no one overheard me! Abigail Jaye did fantastically well as Eva Peron. More than anything though I loved the costumes. The dresses that were worn by all the female characters were very much to my taste. At the interval, chatting away to friends, I realised that we were checking out the clothes on the ladies, rather the delightful men! A peculiarity of female species?

I desperately want to get my hands on some of these clothes. A quick search on the internet, revealed some websites that produce retro inspired clothes. In particular, clothes from 1930s and 40s and 50s. Heyday! Clothing have some fabulous dresses, high waisted trousers and more. The photos on the website are very good, the setting, hair and makeup reflect the era of the outfits. The clothes can also look contemporary too. Earlier on in the summer I was in Agnes B in Spitalfields and one of the shop assistants was wearing an Agnes B top, teamed with one of Heyday!’s trousers. It looked very chic and Parisian. I am planning on changing my wardrobe, hair and make-up for a little while. I recently got my long locks chopped to shoulder length. Inspired by watching Kristin Scott-Thomas in Betrayal at the Comedy Theatre (London). Whatever the reviews of the play, in my mind, Kristin S-T epitomises Parisian chic . I thought everybody knew her, but apparently not as I had to download a picture of her on my phone to show her hairstyle to my hairdresser!

On a recent visit to my mum’s house, I acquired some of her clothes from the 70s. I don’t think my mum has thrown anything away for over 30 years! As we were going through them, I kept rejecting items due to their material. I am afraid I can be pretty snobby about acrylic. Last year I bought a divine dress from Jigsaw, which fitted perfectly, only to discover when I brought it home that it was made of viscose. I have been assured by a friend that this is a quality fabric and not to be silly. Nevertheless, in my mind if I am to fork out £300 for a dress I expect it to be made of a natural fabric like silk! At the very least they could have mixed the fabric with a bit of silk. Lately though, I have started to regret taking it back and wish I had kept it. It is haunting me!

Excited! A sneak peak

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I am very excited this week (a bit nervous too)! Next Saturday (17th Sept 2011) we throw open the doors of our Shoreditch loft for the first raw dice pop-up shop, as part of London Design Festival. Yesterday, we were preparing the showroom and setting all our products out on the WeDoWood trestle tables, drilling holes in the ceiling to hang Jack Spade bags etc.

Justin Oh popped in to drop off some of his new Canvas Tote bags. The bags come in some really funky bright colours and I already have my eye on one or two. They are a good size too. I like a big bag! I carry all my essentials, never wanting to be caught out unexpectedly!  The list is endless (hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes, lip salve, lipstick, notebook, fountain pen, hairbrush, mints, umbrella, sunglasses, headache tablets, compact mirror, nail file, plaster, iphone, library cards, oyster card, purse. car keys, house keys etc.), I usually throw in a paperback book too. When I have the children with me, I usually end up carrying some of their stuff as well. Isabella, at the tender age of 10, usually carries her camera with her wherever she goes (early aspiration in photography), but when not in use, it ends up in my bag! So you can see why I need a bag that can fit in with my lifestyle. Justin’s bags come with lots of compartments and he assures me that they are washable too. Just great. I always wonder what other people carry in their bags. Maybe I am missing something!!

It was fun setting out the layout of the showroom and transforming it from a living space to a shop. As you enter the room, the ‘Yastik by Rifat Ozbek’ cushions make an instant impact perched on top of each other, their vivid colours, brighting up the room. Dare I say so, very humbly, Liz Emtage’s terrrific ceramic creations (lighting, vases and tealight vases), look serene both in and on the WeDoWood boxes. We have lots of Eric Therner’s lightbulbs on show, the diamond light bulbs hanging from our functional kitchen lighting.

The range of ZeroperZero graphic designed maps and stationery will not disappoint either, the room is covered with them. Our love of paper related goods are also evident to see, as we have such a great selection of quality Duller pens, sketchbooks etc. I am very excited about all this and especially at showcasing artist, and close friend, Imogen Barlow’s latest creations. She hand prints limited edition linocuts from her rural studio. We will also have some cards that she is busy making up exclusively for show.

Francesca Prieto’s box framed prints will also be on display. You need to ask if you want to see the whole set though, we haven’t enough wall space to hang them all up.

I’ve got to make sure I have everything to hand before I hit London. Bags packed, Oyster card to the ready, here I come!!

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