Thrifty Marni & it’s Prada darling!

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poster from Hitchcocks Marnie

I am a big fan of Hitchcock. Some of his films are sinister, some more amusing, either way, I never tire of watching them over and over again. There are so many to choose from too, sometimes I wish I just had more time. No sooner do I finish watching the film, then I reread an essential reference book by Robin Wood, ‘Hitchcock’s Films Revisited‘, which reveals the plot and character complexities in the films. Even the more light-hearted ones have murderous motives that Hitchcock weaves through them.

‘Marnie’ is a dark tale of the beautiful yet complex Marnie (Tippi Hendren), who works as a secretary in a firm and then steals from them. She gets away with it and moves to a different company, only to attempt to steal once again. However, this time, the owner of the company Mark (Sean Connery) who has been keeping a disturbingly close eye on her,  manages to prevent her from stealing. He then forces her to marry, but quickly begins to recognise her deeply disturbing behaviour towards him (and men in general).  Mark decides to uncover the details of her past and in particular the events that took place during her childhood. And what happens at the end? I wouldn’t want to give it away! I highly recommend this psychological thriller, it is multi layered and it’s always great to see Sean Connery on screen!

Red is a major theme going right through this film. I love this colour. One can read so much into red. Personally, I find it upliftting and energising. White in contrast is all about purity and cleanliness. If you follow me on this lateral way of thinking I will tell you about my recent purchase of a white dress.

Marni dress from Chic & Seek

On my recent visit to London, I popped in to see my friend Tara (of Chic & Seek fame). Tara set up Chic & Seek, a designer boutique and vintage thrift store, after working in the fashion industry for a number of years, so she knows how to pick a dress or two. The mews she works from is a stone’s throw away from Portebello and Ledbury Road. I do love the philosophy behind her web store – redistributing fashion. Her website is a cornucopia of the latest trends of buying vintage and high-end fashion. You can view the collection by appointment.

I adore Marni clothes, my wardrobe was once lacking…. until now. Yes, I purchased this Marni dress from Chic & Seek. It was a perfect fit and I am very pleased with it. It is white and that has reminded me that I should watch Marnie once again.

Prada darling?

Whilst we are on the subject of vintage and thrift, I must relay a funny story to you all. About a year ago, a friend who was volunteering in a charity shop, found a dress in the throw away bin that she thought I would like. Knowing that I am partial to a vintage dress or two, she gave it to me as a present. A few weeks ago, another good friend of mine came to visit for the weekend. As I put on my frock for our outing around Salisbury Cathedral Close, she exclaimed “is that Prada?” Not being good at lying, I told her of the dress’s provenance. It did amuse me though, in the future when people say ‘nice dress’, I shall retort “it’s Prada, darling!”


Show me the light

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Eric Therner's Diamond Lights at raw dice showroom

Eric Therner's Diamond Lights with Bakerlite fittings

Everybody needs time to reflect. Life is full of questions and dilemmas, waiting to be answered. Once in a while, after much deliberation,  out of the blue a lightbulb sparks in one’s mind and voilà – the answer is there to see. It is so clear and one is left wondering why we didn’t think of it before!

I cannot promise a Eureka moment with Eric Therner’s lights, but possibly they can give you a cause to reflect on life’s little mysteries.

If aesthetics are what you are pondering on, then these lightbulbs will not disappoint. Who knows they may just trigger an inspiration to write a poem or a story, to travel to a distant land in search of enlightenment or make you want to save the world. ‘Don’t be ridiculous, how can a lightbulb do all that?’ I hear you ask. I do not make any promises that any of the above will happen, but as you put on the light and see the diamond shape reflections it throws into space, stand still and contemplate. Now let your daydreams run away with you.

Eric Therner's Diamond Light Bulbs Photo by Jesper Lindstrom

Available from raw dice, £25.00 +P&P.

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