Mid-century creativity and Danish design today

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned before, the Shoreditch loft needs refurbishing. Given that it is going to be used for showcasing Raw Dice, we really want the furniture we choose to complement our existing product lines. So, I have been looking for inspiration with this purpose in mind. So far designs of Hans J. Wegner have caught my eye. Wegner was a very successful mid century Danish furniture designer. The purity of his chair designs are sublime. There are 3 chairs in particular that I think are worth looking at.

The Shell Chair, designed in 1963, is top of my list. It was presented at a Danish Furniture exhibition, where unbelievably people did not like its design and sales were poor. It was produced in very small quantities during the 1960s and re-introduced in 1998 by Carl Hansen & Son. Thank goodness, otherwise we would be deprived of this magnificent chair and certainly poorer for it. Strangely, it reminds me of a Samurai sword! Maybe they can rename it ‘The Samurai’ just for me! I am not sure whether I find the design elegant due to its curved seat or the three proportional legs. Either way, I think that it is best appreciated as a stand alone statement piece.

Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner

I also like Hans J Wegner’s easy chair, designed in 1952, called Sawhorse. This chair is made of pure wood. A marriage between American walnut (for the rounded armrests, back and seat) and European Oak (for legs).

Sawhorse Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Sawhorse Chair by Hans J. Wegner

The Sawhorse resembles a folding lounge chair made by one of our designers WE:DO:WOOD. Founded in 2006, this young and energetic Danish furniture design firm base their vision on the principles of sustainability and good design. We, at Raw Dice are very proud to stock their Trestle Table and Vario Bookcases.

WE:DO:WOOD Lounge Chair

Danish WE:DO:WOOd Bamboo Trestle Table

WE:DO:WOOD Trestle Table

Danish WE:DO:WOOD Vario Bookcases

WE:DO:WOOD Vario Bookcases

The Wishbone Chair, designed in 1959, would complement our WE:DO:WOOD trestle table perfectly. Hans J. Wenger drew inspiration from antique Chinese armchairs to come up with this design. The curved back is common as with the other chairs I have mentioned. Wegner’s strive for beauty in simplicity and comfort is evident from this chair. It comes in a variety of woods with natural cord seating.

Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Currently we have 4 DSW Eames Side Chairs to go around our trestle table, 2 Wishbone Chairs would fit perfectly at either end. The beauty of the trestle table is not just in its purity of design but also the fact that it is made of sustainable bamboo.  It is as organic and environmentally friendly as they come. So, when I am eating my organic vegetables on my environmentally friendly table, I can sleep easy at night, knowing that change happens incrementally and every little helps!!


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